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New age Global Builders is fully Licensed

You're covered for any sized General Contractor, Commercial & Home Construction work. Our license & Insurance covers from NYC, Manhattan, east to Queens and out to Long Island, as well as special licensing requirements for Nassau & Suffolk. View New Age NYC Buildings Dpt. License #60817 here...

nyc & queens General contractor & commercial construction services

Our clients include many top businesses that you are likely familiar with. From  Kids Gymboree, Just Salad & Chipotle Mexican Grill, the famous Mexican joint with 2 popular Midtown Manhattan locations on 2843 & 2 Broadway. locations in Queens, and locations in Long Island as well.

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the Kings of General & Concrete Contractors in queens

New Age Global Builders strives to be the best general contractor in Queens. We would like you to feel like a king of Queens when you deal with us. We would like you to feel that our service and pricing is simply incredible. To be incredible General Contractors in Queens is not so simple. Queens has the 3rd largest population in America and a lot of competition exists in the General Contractor Industry. We have a 2 step method in place to help you feel like we are the kings of Queens General Contractors. Step one is keeping as much work as possible in house. We specifically don't sub contract many aspects of are job so that we can pass on the savings to you. We choose the specific industries to keep in house which we know will save Queens residents the money. Step 2 is to provide you with great service. Great service means a great product along with communication and design. New Age Global Builder believes that if we can keep costs down and provide you with great service then you our clients will feel like kings and think that we are kings.


Building Homes From The Foundation up

New Age Global Builders has shown our clients time and again that the successful combination of good design and quality craftsmanship is best achieved by combining the two from the start. Your residential or commercial construction project design and budget are developed together by the New Age Global Builders team; it's called design-build and saves you time and money by putting your project into real terms, immediately. We have experience with high risers and commercial structure in NYC & Manhattan. We have built stunning homes and businesses all over Queens and out on Long Island and of course Brooklyn.  The details of the project are considered by a company who does plenty of work in the areas your project resides & we not only how to design but also how to have the plan and executed. We have years of experience in the industry working with architects, engineers, tradesmen and clients, New Age Global Builders has developed a process that brings the hands on experience of a builder together with the imagination and design sense of architect. Our insurance, coverage, liability, and licenses are all at the highest possible industry standards. This means we can handle any sized construction job you may have.  We would be more then happy to supply you with as many references you need upon request. Building a new home or planning a commercial project with a general contractor requires the patience, skill, & quality that you deserve. Call New Age Global Builders for a brief 5 minute General Contractor consultation and discover why we are the right choice for you. We have an extremely long list of satisfied home owners & commercial businesses in Queens, restaurants in NYC, and properties in Long Island.  From Manhattan east to Queens and as east as the Hamptons we have handled the most complex residential and commercial General Contractor blueprints.


From Construction, to Roofing, To Locksmith Service in Queens, NYC

New Age Global Builders has a very simply strategy in being the best. The strategy is to run much of the work for a construction project in house and to avoid subcontracting at any measures. Avoiding "subbing" out work as we say provides our consumers with massive benefits. Our cost cutting techniques have greatly benefited the sluggish real estate industry in recent years. For example, having our own in house electrical, remodeling, exterior and interior home contractors and even our own door & Lock service means quality, pricing, and timing that cannot be matched. If we simply let an external company do the work for us like most companies then neither price or quality can be controlled. At the end of the day customers all over NYC from Manhattan, and of course Queens county and Brooklyn are enjoying general contracting at the high quality and the great prices. We stick by our bids and guarantee that we will beat any competitors price. The New Age Global umbrella is what separates us from contractors who do to much "subbing". This means that we have subsidiaries that have various DBA's that are all part of our operation. For example, SH Locksmith in Queens NY is a 24 hour NYC based locksmith service that works under that name as a DBA but is really owned and operated by New Age Global Builders. This allows the leg of the company to flourish under it's own brand name while being responsible for the aspects of our homes that are related to them. The Queens door & lock shop is based in Flushing making it easy for to network as we build many homes in the area.


Expert General contractors for hurricane sandy restoration

Hurricane Sandy Battered most of commercial structures in South NYC and New Age Global Builders can handle any sized commercial project in Manhattan. Roofs went flying and the need for roofing went through the "roof". If you are a homeowner in the coastal parts of Queens, b,each areas in Brooklyn and south shore Long Island we can rebuild your home and deal with the insurance in an organized, effective, and money saving manner. If for any reason you have not sought out help please visit the Fema Hurricane Sandy page as soon as possible. Whether you just need a roofer or the whole nine yards, New Age Global builders will guide to through the A-Z process of rebuilding a home or business post Hurricane Sandy. For tips on how to shop for a general contractor for your Sandy battered properties read our Sandy General Contractors post.


Queens Commercial Projects With Rolled Roofing is A Hit

Ever Consider Rolled Roofing?

Rolled roofing is arguably the simplest and quickest way to install a roof on any structure. The fact that it’s also cheap is an extra bonus. Though it is easy, it isn’t without any disadvantages. Like all other roofing materials, there are things you need to know about rolled roofing before making a final decision; for instance, rolled roofing needs to meet specific criteria before you can install it.

To help you with your decision, here is a basic overview of rolled roofing.

What is it?

Basically speaking, rolled roofing is exactly what it sounds like. It is easy to install, usually made of the same material as asphalt shingles with each roll being the equivalent of 3 courses of asphalt shingles. It’s a flexible and manageable material that is easily cut into your desired measurements making it an economical option. But keep in mind that this type of roof will need to be replaced sooner than other roofing types.

There are various kinds of rolled roofing. Some are used only as a supplement to more common roof materials, typically as underlayment but there is also stand-alone rolled roofing.


  • It’s one of the cheapest roofing materials available today.

  • It’s perfect for low-incline roofs. In some instances, it’s your only option.

  • Provides good protection against rain.

  • Easy to install and easy to maintain.


  • Not many color options and lackluster appearance.

  • Only lasts an average of 6 years if not maintained properly.

  • Does not improve home’s value when compared with other types of roofing systems.

Typical Application

Rolled roofing is usually found on low incline roofing wherein aesthetics aren’t usually a concern. Commonly found on garages, sheds, and the like. How it looks is not much of a concern though as low-incline roofs are typically unseen due to their angle. Commercial businesses and property owners save a lot of money using this type of exterior. Our roofing clients all over Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens county have saved a great deal of money using our rolled exterior solutions.

Cost and Sizing

Prices vary depending on what you’re getting, and where you’re getting it. Typically though, you can expect to pay roughly $30-$40 per square feet for lower end rolled roofing.

How does it compare to shingles?

Rolled roofing costs less and is easier to install but shingles usually look better and lasts longer. If you have a flat roof you will definitely need to use rolled roofing. You can’t install shingles on a roof without a slope or you risk rainwater getting under the edges.

Proper Maintenance

With proper maintenance, rolled roofs will easily last over a decade. We can point out a hand-full of commercial sites in New York with rolled exteriors that have lasted for decades. Schedule to inspect your roof a minimum of 3 times a year. Here’s a basic checklist of what to look out for:

  • Keep drains free of debris to prevent clogs. Clogs can cause leakage.

  • Check the flashing to ensure it is secure and not piercing the roof structure.

  • After a storm or heavy rainfall, check the roof for ponding water.

  • Always check for roof blisters.

  • Last of all, clean up the roof with a mop and cleaning solution. Finish it off with a thorough rinsing once the solution has set for a while. Make sure the solution does not dry on its own.

New Age Global Real Estate Development in Queens

New Age Global Builders has been helping develop and build homes in the NY market for many years. Queens is home to one of the hottest real estate markets in the five boroughs of NYC. Investors seeking to develop the area are purchasing land and financing the land and all that is left is the building. This is where New Age shines as a choice for some of the elite real estate planning & developing companies in Queens. Quality raw land and the best construction companies has to offer is why NAGB is a developers best friend. the competition in the market is very high and the legal issues in real estate can often require years of working with lawyers yet NAGB has excelled and became the choice for developers in our region..

Queens Branch: New Age Global Builders 75-25 141st Pl  Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 690-1361

Long Island Branch: New Age Global Builders 35 Kallas Court, Valley Stream, NY 11558  (516) 554-8771

Manhattan Branch: New Age Global Builders 244 5th Avenue Suite N-241 New York, NY 10001

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